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SB40 (Premium)

Innovative and automated machine for home brewers. compact, auto Intuitive and super easy to move.

Furthermore, it allows the brewer to edit and store up to 10 recipes and monitor all braising times and temperatures.

Total volume of 70 liters
Brew up to 45 liters (normal beer)
12 kg Malt Tube Capacity


  • Completely electric and automated;
  • Power of 5kW;
  • Control voltage 12 VDC, avoiding risks of electric shock;
  • Built in stainless steel 304;
  • Ascending Circulation System;
  • Touch Screen control panel;
  • Stores up to 10 recipes
  • Valves in 304 stainless steel;
  • Magnetic pump in stainless steel;
  • Silicone piping;
  • Temperature controlled by PID, ensuring precise temperature control and ramps (1ºC/min).
  • Barrier to separate the trub.

Items that accompany the equipment:

  • Main pan with pump, hoses and three-part valves;
  • Malt tube;
  • Rubber malt tube seal;
  • Multi-function lid;
  • Plate changer (30 plates)
  • Lower and upper reinforcement/filter screen;
  • Oring screen seal reinforcement;
  • Valve Center included in the programming;
  • Screen separator tube;
  • Clamping nut;
  • Clamping washer;
  • Centralizing and fixing rod for the malt tube;
  • Support for malt tube;
  • Rod for Whirlpool
  • Manual hook for lifting malt pipe