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Who we are

Produce quality beer with our equipment


StarkBauen was founded in 2017 by mechanical engineer and brewery specialist Vanderlei Bauer. The company was inspired by the admiration of artisanal beer production and by the Reinheitsgebot Law (Law of Beer Purity) which fostered the desire to provide the experience of making and tasting a quality beer for all its apreciators.

Linhas da StarkBauen

StarkBauen equipment was developed based on theoretical foundations, strictly following teachings extracted from the bibliography and also advice from graduated master brewers, a perfect combination that guarantees an excellent repetitiveness standard for the production of your beer.

In terms of quality, attention is drawn to the Sanitary Workmanship , which is very well explored by the manufacturing standard adopted, as well as the implementation of safety items and all the items necessary for proper functioning, thus guaranteeing optimal efficiency and yield in the final production, bringing a result fantastic and satisfying to StarkBauen customers or users.

For the perfection of beer, it is not enough just a good brewer, you also need equipment will match.

Business view

Seeking excellence and innovation in the production and development of brewing equipment, research and technologies are aligned from beginning to the end of our production line, resulting in high quality and robust products, providing satisfaction and security to customers, guaranteeing the best experience for their production.