SB150 - StarkBauen Brewing Equipment | Produce your own beer


Produce quality beer with our equipment


Innovative, automated machine ideal for Brewpub, Nano and Micro Breweries.

Equipment with Single Vessel method focused on high productivity and great energy
efficiency, low energy consumption, great performance and easy implementation in anything lay-out, ensuring excellent Cost-Benefit, and better performance compared to other methods.

Total volume of 240 liters
Brew up to 180 liters (normal beer)
40 kg Malt Tube Capacity


  • Completely electric and automated;
  • Power of 14kW;
  • Supply voltage 220 or 380 V 60 Hz three-phase;
  • Control voltage 12 VDC, avoiding risks of electric shock;
  • Built in stainless steel 304;
  • Ascending Circulation System;
  • Touch Screen control panel;
  • Stores up to 10 recipes
  • Professional pump in stainless steel;
  • Valves in 304 stainless steel;
  • Stainless steel piping with TC Union (to dismantle the entire assembly);
  • Dual Temperature Measurement;
  • Whirlpool system and mash cooling incorporated into the machine;
  • Plate changer in 304 stainless steel incorporated into the machine;
  • Temperature controlled by PID, ensuring precise temperature control and ramps (1°C/min);
  • Barrier to separate the trub;
  • Manual winch with strap;
  • Frequency inverter to control pump speed;
  • DMS collector system;
  • PWM system, to vary the resistance power during the mash and boil;

Items that accompany the equipment:

  • Main pan with pump, stainless steel pipes, TC unions, three-way valves, caster for movement;
  • and with pedestal for lifting;
  • Exclusive StarkBauen Programming;
  • Built-in Heat Exchanger
  • Malt tube;
  • Rubber malt tube seal;
  • Multifunction lid;
  • Lower and upper reinforcement/filter screen;
  • Oring screen seal reinforcement;
  • Screen separator tube;
  • Clamping nut;
  • Clamping washer;
  • Centering and fixing rod for the malt tube;
  • Support for malt tube;
  • Central of valves.