Produce quality beer with our equipment

SB Viking

Ideal for Brew Pub, Bar, Restaurants and inns and also Home Production for gourmet areas or stylish áreas

With StarkBauen fermentation tanks, you can ferment, mature and carbonate your beer in a single piece of equipment. With the cone system and lower valves it is possible to reuse the yeast and fill the botle of beer by back pressure.


  • Models: 45/75 useful liters
  • Digital electronic panel for temperature control;
  • 60o conical cylinder;
  • Hermetic compressor cooling system 220V 60Hz;
  • Vertical configuration;
  • Construction material, stainless steel AISI 304;
  • External Workmanship : Sanitary polishing;
  • Internal Workmanship : Sanitary high gloss polishing;
  • All solders removed and passivated
  • Torispherical top shaped according to ASME 6% standard;
  • High density PU foam thermal insulation.
  • Top opening of 6 inches in the top, for inspection, Dry Hopping and cleaning;
  • Manometer 0 to 4 Bar;
  • CO2 Pressure Relief Valve – Adjustable from 0 to 4.0 BAR;
  • 304 1 inch stainless steel butterfly valves for CO2 inlet control and for CIP;
  • Spray Ball to CIP 1 inch;
  • Yeast outlet at the bottom with 1 inch 304 stainless steel butterfly valves;
  • Thermometric well for temperature probe;
  • Belgian tap;
  • Cabinet with stylized drip pan;


  • Bazuca for Dry Hopping;
  • Wintap Tap
  • Sample Collection Tap;