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Pasteurizer SB09

Innovative, automated machine, ideal for Nano and Micro Breweries. With a system focused on productivity and production agility, combined with a precise heating ramp control system, ensuring the best efficiency and great cost-benefit.

Models: 09/06/03 boxes of bottles


  • Completely electric;
  • Built in 304 stainless steel;
  • Capacity for 9 cases of beer;
  • Resistance heating (Optional);
  • Low density resistance,
  • Total resistance power of 14KW;
  • Tank for up to 300L of water
  • Circulation system with 9 injection nozzles
  • Supply voltage 220 or 380 V 60 Hz three-phase;
  • Pump with 1CV power
  • Exclusive pump, designed by StarkBauen, in 304 stainless steel and TC clamp opening system,
  • Ergonomically positioned valve control unit;
  • Pump and heating control panel;
  • 304 stainless steel tubing with TC union (to dismantle the entire assembly)
  • Sanitary butterfly valves in 304 stainless steel;

Items that accompany the equipment:

  • Complete machine with pump, heat exchanger, stainless steel piping, TC unions, stainless steel
  • sanitary butterfly valves;
  • Plate Changer already installed; (Optional);
  • Water inlet valve;
  • Exit for cleaning;
  • Valve for circulation circulation;
  • Thief for excess water;
  • Two doors (Input/output);
  • Circulation pump and heating pump;
  • Temperature Sensors (Type J);
  • 02 Digital controllers;
  • Emergency button;
  • Manual mode operation button;
  • Alarm siren;
  • Indicative luminous button;
  • Disconnect switch;